More on Markdown syntax.

What is Kibela Flavored Markdown

Kibela uses the CommonMark syntax and also supports Github Flavored Markdown.

You can easily paste articles written in CommonMark to Kibela, and vice versa. 

What is CommonMark

CommonMark is a syntax specification for Markdown. Since its release in 2014, Github has become fully compliant with the CommonMark spec (as of March 2017).

A formal spec for GitHub Flavored Markdown | GitHub Engineering 

Although the number of companies using CommonMark are still growing, we see Github’s endorsement as the future of Markdown syntax. 

Processing systems

We make sure to stay up to date.

Markdown format

We use gjtorikian/commonmarker to process Markdown. This is a GFM supported Ruby wrapper for github/cmark-gfm.

Syntax highlighter

We use jneen/rouge for syntax highlighting. 

PlantUML format

We use PlantUML to support Plant UML syntax. 

LaTeX format

We use MathJax to support LaTeX syntax. 

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