Type less, publish faster, and boost efficiency with templates! Templates are a consistent way of laying out new articles such as daily reports and meeting minutes while cutting down on redundant work. We recommend using wiki templates for routine articles. 

Your wiki templates are shared with your team. 

Create a wiki template

1. Select “settings” on the menu drop down

2. Select “wiki template management” on the bottom left side of the page, and then click “create new wiki template” 

3. Create your template. Fill in the contents and use variables to automatically input data

4. Name your template and click “create” 

5. Once your template is created, it will show up on the “Manage wiki template” page. You can also edit or delete templates 

Write a wiki

Let’s create a wiki article from your new wiki template. 

1.From the “create article” button, select a template from the drop down menu

2. Write and post!

Template Variables 

You can use the template variables listed below in wiki articles. When a wiki is created from a template, the variables are automatically replaced with their corresponding values.

Note: Variables are only available on the category and title, and not in the wiki body.


The current year (example: 2016)


The current month (example: 12)


The current day of the month (example: 23)


The login name of the current user (e.g. Kibe-san)

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