All users can access public groups on Kibela, but if you want some members to access only certain groups, you can invite them as “guests.” You may wish to limit these users from accessing all information on your Kibela account, such as contractors, part-time staff, or interns. 

Guest Permissions

Guests can view and access the following shared in their invited group(s). 

  • Group(s) and the group profile (name, bio)
  • Notes
  • Templates

The following are restricted.

  • Sharing notes externally 
  • Webhooks


The following can be accessed regardless as a guest user. However, as attachments are given a randomized ULR, the guest must know the URL beforehand. 

  • User information (names, profile)
  • Folders
  • Attachments


The admin or owner can invite new guests or switch existing members to guest user via the Manage Members page. 

To invite guests to groups, access the Groups page. You can also view the guest's invited groups on the guest’s profile page. 

Please note that if you change an existing member’s status to guest, that user will lose access to all invited groups. You will need to re-invite them to the groups you choose. 

Plans and Pricing

Regardless of your plan, guests are counted like regular members. If you’re on the Community Plan, the user will be counted as 1 user. If on the Standard Plan, you will be billed for 1 user. 

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