Are you a not-for-profit group or organization? If you are an OSS project, tech community, research lab, or student group, you may be able to use Kibela for free! 


Non-profit groups and organizations:

  • 5 members or fewer: free
  • 6 members or more: free

For-profit organizations → Standard Plan

  • 5 members or fewer: free
  • 6 members or more: 540 yen/month (tax incl) per member

Eligible Not-for-Profit Groups and Organizations

  • OSS projects
  • Tech communities, organizers of tech conferences 
  • University research labs
  • Student organizations and clubs
  • Interest groups
  • Parent-teacher associations/organizations

If you are unsure if your not-for-profit organization falls under any of the listed categories, please contact us. 

Time Period 

You will be able to use your Kibela account for free up to 1 year. If you would like to extend it, please contact us before your account expires. 

If you do not contact us in advance, your account will be frozen under the Terms conditions and will eventually be terminated. 

How to apply

After you sign up and log into your Kibela account, please contact us from either the following:

Computer: “New Chat” on the bottom right of the screen  

Smartphone: “Contact Us” link on the bottom of the page

In the text box, please tell us the following: 

  • Why your not-for-profit organization would like to use Kibela
  • Your organization name 
  • An active URL on your organization’s activities

Once we review your qualifications and determine that your organization is eligible, we will issue a 1 year free coupon. 


Q. If my team is under 5 members, do I need to apply? 

A. No. If your team is under 5 members, you can use the service for free under the Community Plan. 

Q. I started off with 5 members but now want to add another member. Do I need to apply? 

A. Yes. As you cannot use the Community Plan with 6 or more members, please contact us via the instructions listed above. 

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