Security Systems

Kibela operates on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the cloud service that many companies use for their services. 

All of our customers’ data is stored in Amazon RDS, and we frequently backup and monitor for suspicious activities.

In addition, Kibela has achieved AWS ISO 27001 compliance. 

For more information, please visit ISO/IEC 27001:2013 - Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Data Encryption

The Kibela service encrypts all customer communications via SSL/TSL. This prevents security threats such as eavesdropping and tampering.


Kibela uses Stripe Elements by Stripe to handle all payment transactions. Bit Journey, Inc. does not view, use, or retain customer’s information other than the last 4 digits of credit card numbers and the expiration date. 

For details on Stripe’s security environment, please see

Protecting Personal Information

Kibela’s operating company Bit Journey, Inc., is certified by the PrivacyMark System, and follows the protocols regarding the handling of all personal information.  

Response to Security Issues

We take security very seriously at Kibela. We respond immediately to any reports on security vulnerability and is constantly seeking for better ways to strengthen our security. 

We regularly consult third-party security experts and monitor the latest security updates to improve our security system.

Monitoring our servers and crisis management

We monitor our services 24/7, ensuring that issues are addressed promptly. We routinely update our emergency manual to insure a speedy recovery.

System Status

We’ll announce scheduled maintenance on Twitter and our Status Page.

We strive to avoid interfering with our customers and undergo maintenance during midnight, early mornings and weekends.

Vulnerability Assessment 

We have a third-party service that routine assess our vulnerability to increase our service’s security. 

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