For those seeking for an extra layer of protection when logging in, you can enable multi-factor authentication (MFA).

MFA can be used with any plan and by users who have set up password authentication. It is not enabled for users who authenticate using single sign-on.

How to enable MFA

Install an authentication application

Install an authentication application such as Google Authenticator on your mobile device.

Configure MFA

Once you log into your Kibela account, go to "Settings" → "Personalize" → "Multi-factor Authentication."

Recovery code

Once MFA is enabled, a recovery code will be generated.
You will need this code to log in should you lose your MFA enabled mobile device. Make sure to store this code in a secure location. If you lose the code, your team owner or admin can temporarily disable MFA. Please see below for details. 

Require MFA for teams

To require MFA, once you log into your Kibela account, go to "Settings" → "Team Setup" → "Multi-factor Authentication."

By requiring MFA for your team's log in, you will require your team members who authenticate with a password to set up MFA. However, this entails for all team members to enable MFA. If your team members do not enable MFA, you can use "Transition mode for mandating MFA," which will send a message to the team member when logging in. 

Temporarily disable MFA

If you lose your MFA enabled mobile device or if a user accidentally disables MFA when it is required for your team, you can temporarily disable MFA. This feature is only available to the owner and admin.

Once you log into your Kibela account, go to "Settings" → "Team Setup" → "Member Management" and select the user's account you wish to disable MFA, and click to disable.

Once MFA is disabled, the user can log in with a password authentication for 24 hours. After s/he has logged in, the owner or admin can reconfigure MFA.

If the owner or admin is unable to log in when MFA is enabled, or the owner or admin has difficulty disabling MFA for the account, please contact the Kibela support team.
Please note that the Kibela support team cannot disable MFA on behalf of your team owner or admin due to security reasons. 

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