You can receive notifications on published notes and comments through chat tools such as Slack and other external services.

To configure Slack, please read the following document

How to receive notifications on Slack

  1. Click "Settings"
  2. Click on the left menu called "Add Webhook"
  3. Under the "Add Webhook" dropdown menu, select "Slack"

You should see the following page. 

Webhook Browser Display Name

As you can set up multiple notification, you should choose a name that is easy to understand its purpose. 


To set up notifications for Slack, please follow the instructions on the URL below.

Co-editing restriction for notes

You can change the notifications for "all notes," "notes not available for co-editing," and "all team members." 

You can change the notifications of all public groups, activities on specific groups, and groups where you've published notes.

For example, you can set notifications from Group A on a specific Slack channel, and notifications from Group B on a different Slack channel. 

You can change the notifications when "a note is published," "a note has been edited," and "when a new comment has been published."

You can check your notification status by clicking "Send Test." If the test is successful, you will be able to click "Add."

How to receive notifications other than Slack
You can set up for Outgoing Webhook to receive notifications on notes and comments on other services. 

Currently, you can set up notifications for Slack, but we also plan to expand to other services. 

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