Get more out of Slack by getting notifications on your team's activities. 

To begin, decide a channel to receive these notifications. Designate a new channel if necessary. 

Next, follow these instructions on Slack. 

  1. Click Custom Integration from the Slack browser
  2. Choose "Incoming Webhook"
  3. Select "Add Settings"
  4. Select which channel to receive notifications from "Select Channel"
  5. Choose "Add Incoming Webhook Integration"
  6. Copy the Webhook URL

Go back your team's Kibela account and follow the instructions below.
Details can also be found here. 

  1. Open your team's setting for "Outgoing Webhooks"
  2. Select Slack on "Add Webhook," located on top right of screen
  3. Paste the Webhook URL copied from Slack on the "URL" text box
  4. Write a display name for the Webhook. Example: Slack (all notes)
  5. Select coediting restriction, group and timing of notification
  6. Select "Send a test event" to check if the webhook has been successfully set up
  7. If you receive the notification "This is a test message for the webhook," the set up is done
  8. Finish by clicking "Save"

The option "When creating an audit log" is only available for the team owner or admin. Other users cannot select this feature. 

You can always change your webhook setting at Outgoing Webhooks. 

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